Pipe Maintenance, Cleaning & Inspection

About Pipe Eyes, LLC

Established in 2000, Pipe Eyes, LLC provides pipeline maintenance, cleaning and video inspection services for government, commercial and residential customers. Our principals, Robert Chesnut and Troy Thompson, have more than 50 years of experience in the industry, and our employees are all fully trained and highly qualified. This ensures that our work is completed professionally and thoroughly, and that it meets the highest standards. We own and use the very best equipment and supplies available, and we adhere to the highest traffic and work area safety standards.

Emergency service available.
Whether your job is an emergency or not, call us at 502-955-5288 to discuss your situation.
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Ranger Sewer Camera

Video Inspection

Water Quality Dye Testing

Dye Testing

Hydro-Vac Cleaning

Hydro Excavating

Manhole Vacuum Testing

Air Testing

Pave Draoi-Flexible Pavers

Permeable Paver Inspection & Maintenance

Water Qulity Unit Servicing & Inspection

Water Quality Unit Service & Inspection